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He’s homeeeeee!

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their adventures are my favorite.

Who are they!

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Tips for trail running from trail running today:
Actually know where the hell you are supposed to be going or you will wander and the desert is a big place man.
Bring water. A lot of water.
Bring your dog, but also, bring friends.
If you see a wild animal, try to chase it. You’ll burn more calories.
Go trail running in Arizona in July at approximately noon. It’s the nicest weather.
This concludes my tips on how to trail run. Also, since people keep asking in my ask box, my Instagram AND Twitter are both @KATYGRACEFULLY.
Have a nice day, y’all.
Reagan saying bye to me while I left for church this morning :) #beautiful #sisters
Church at #HOH and now #Panera with this girl @itzmikaylayeah @harborofhope #wearespecial
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